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    Dec 8,2022

    Expert Guide for Wholesale Square LCD Digital Display Advertising | Koho Display

    Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, we get to see that there are more and more industries that are seen to be relying square LCD digital modules for advertisement, whether it is outdoor advertising or indoor advertising. It is because certain nifty features are being used to grab the audience's attention that encourages the consumption of these fantastic pieces of technology. The increase in the trend is not new, and it can be seen based on scientific studies.


    According to the research and the studies, it is noted that around 70% of LED advertising screens are designed in a way that creates more impact on the users compared to the other modes like Facebook videos and other billboards would have made. With this small amount of attention, the use of LCDs for advertisement has become a common trend. There are a lot of reasons that businesses prefer the use of these wholesale LCD square displays for advertising and entertainment, as we get to see that;


    1. It Offers Clarity:

    By simply putting advertisements over the digital square LCD, it is noted that it makes it easier to read and look at the advertisement. Technological advancement shows that there are no signs of stopping or slowing down. It could expect that by the passage of time, the resolution of these displays will only improve and become better.


    2. Attention Grabbing:

    It is also noted that the videos are much more noticeable compared to the plain text as they are a lot more malleable, attractive to the eyes, and relatable. Thus, these are considered the best way to communicate your ideas efficiently and creatively; by using texts, your audience can understand the message you are trying to deliver, and the conversion becomes a lot easier and more convenient. More the digtial display of vibrant colors and dynamic images over the square screen would be an option that would be irresistible for the users not to have to look at them. It can convert it into the form of leads. 


    3. Interactivity:

    Wholesale square display manufacturers design these LCD displays in a way that they work on a touchscreen mechanism that can continue to advance in a way that can create more and more potential for the viewers than ever like before. With the use of these LCD display advertisement and interaction, it is easier for the users to skip the content that they want to avoid visiting. These can also be used to select menu items and get information about them. Moreover, as one moves forward from the touchscreen displays, we see that a particular type of LCD has allowed the users to see what is in front of it as it will enable the audience to interact with the display without even touching the screen. 


    4. Energy Efficient and Environment Friendly:

    Technological advancements are done in a way that has made LCD screens much more environmentally friendly than they used to be. Modern LCD square display are much more durable, as they can withstand pressures and extreme conditions. An incentive added with this LCD technology is that it uses only one-third of half of the tube monitors' power and takes almost 90% less space compared to the old traditional tube motors. LCD wholesale display suppliers offer the type of LCDs that are comfortable and calmer in the eyes of the users causing lesser strain. 


    5. Widens Reach:

    With the use of LCD display, it is noted that it can broaden the reach of the brands with the use of these LCDs as by using them; one can introduce their name to a wide range of audiences as it allows the users to be able to convey their message to a wide range of population and to a significant number of customers that can be beneficial for your business. 


    6. Easy Update:

    One of the most practical advantages of using the LCDs is that the LCDs are easy to update, publish and operate, as the operators can quickly update the content in significantly less time. Most importantly, no matter what the outdoor condition may be, it usually does not affect the controls being worked upon, nor does it affect the performance in any way. 


    7. Installation:

    It is easier and more convenient in terms of installation. It is because of their compactness and space-saving features that it can easily install these square screens in different spots, whether it is in the form of places that usually have people around, the corners of the traffic, bus stops, the lobbies of the elevators and any business that you can think of. 


    Tips on How to Use LCD Square Display Billboards:

    There are specific tips that are essential to be followed when it comes to advertising on a commercial LCD display billboard; however, to make LCD billboards attractive, there are a lot of things that it could do:


    Most importantly, creating a post requires a lot of creativity to attract an audience. One should keep the advertisement attractive but straightforward to view even from a distance, as it aims to attract customers. Because if the boards would not designed in a way that attracts customers, the purpose of the advertisement will fail.  


    1. Larger Fonts:

    The billboards designed to display advertisements should be straightforward. The customers should be able to understand the message even from a distance. Thus, it is suggested to use larger fonts so that the message is clear to the readers and they can get the news without difficulty. One should also use concise and exact words on the billboards to impress the customers; thus, So should use a larger font.


    2. Use of Simpler Language:

    The messages conveyed through the wholesale LCD square display advertisement board should be more straightforward for the audience so they can get the news without difficulty; thus, one should use more simple and impactful words that do not build confusion. 


    3. Shorter Messages:

    When you plan to display a message over the LCD display, the news over the LCD reveals that shorter messages are easy to read and understand as they do not require much time and can quickly draw the customers' attention. Thus, one should keep the messages short and comprehensive.


    4. Contrast Colors for a Better Understanding:

    Avoiding the white background is again another way that it could use to make your advertisement more engaging. They could use RGB colors and files to gather the audience's attention. However, the use of colors should be done so that there is high contrast and one can read the message carefully. 


    5. Visibility and Quality of the LCD Display Advertisement:

    The most preferred way that it could use to check your billboard advertisement is to prevent it by yourself. You need to check for the accuracy of the billboard advertisement that is being displayed. You shall do it yourself or ask someone to stand far away from the billboard and should observe things like whether the board is clear and whether there is no blurring or not. Is the message on the board understandable or not, is the image displayed clearly? Is the news over the screen easily comprehendible or not? These are the things that tell you whether the message is clear and also tell you about the quality of your advertisement.


    6. Size of the Board:

    The size of the board is yet another factor that would matter as the size of the LCD displayed decides the visibility of the users. The size that needs to be installed should be based on the area you plan to cover. A more significant place and a bigger one around the screen that needs to be displayed should be more effective; the same is in the case of outdoor LCD display, but in the case of indoor advertisements, it is the opposite. 

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LED lighting has grown in popularity due to its versatility, extended lifespan, and energy efficiency compared to traditional lighting. There are currently widely employed in various lighting applications across multiple sectors. From medical equipment to billboards and store displays, LED is an ideal alternative to traditional for efficient energy conversion and electric consumption. There are LED screens for a variety of purposes, including the following: 1. Event Spaces: Shenzhen Kanghai Electronic provides indoor LED panels with high resolution, a popular display option for exposition centres, conferences, unique marketing installations, and corporate events. LEDs quickly become one of the most popular displays for various applications as technology improves. They are helpful for digital industrial and consumer environments due to their adaptability and low energy consumption. 2. Corporate and Academic Environments: LED digital display from Shenzhen Kanghai Electronics can be an ideal for square nft display providing fascinating and instructive material. Images, video, text, or graphical data can all represent data. Providing this content at scale in exceptionally high quality in business and educational environments is ideal for enhancing total audience engagement, assuring workspace collaboration, and reinforcing specific messaging. LED displays have become one of the most popular displays for various applications, including business and educational settings and event areas. They are helpful for industrial and consumer contexts due to their adaptability and low energy consumption. Functionality for LED Walls and Panel: An LED panel comprises many individually arranged LED displays used to show video content. The types and sizes of light-emitting diodes differentiate the two primary styles of such meetings. Traditional LED panels are made up of diodes grouped in square groups by colour (red, green, yellow, blue), like on TV or computer screens. These screens, unlike SMD panels, are often utilized. We are all familiar with the appearance of LED displays and screens; we see them every day. We'd want to focus on the LED panels that make up massive walls at conferences, concerts, stadiums, sporting events, outdoor cinemas, airports, and other venues. Furthermore, they are built with all LEDs on one side and only one row of the passive circuit (where electricity is stored). SMDs (surface-mounted devices) is a newer version of LED panels with individual diodes smaller than the head of a pin. "The red, green, and blue LEDs on a computer-controlled circuit board are positioned as separate units in an SMD display." Because of its remarkable brightness and smooth video transmission, SMD is the most often used in the event sector." Advantages of LED Display to Enhance Your Lifestyle: 1. Brightness and Image Clarity: When light from an LED panel is emitted straight through rather than diffused, it is brightest. It allows for a more subtle image. One of the key advantages is eliminating the rainbow effect seen on traditional television and computer screens. This feature is only seen in high-end outdoor displays such as those used for sports or huge arenas where glows obscure your view of the screens. Another advantage of LED panels is their superior image quality, which is essential in some contexts, such as virtual studios (more on that later). Unlike projectors, which transfer the projected image to the surface (in this case, a screen), which then has to travel to the audience's eyes, LEDs radiate their light, making the image sharper, crisper, and brighter by the time it reaches human eyes. LED walls, unlike projection, are not limited by ambient light when working in them because they emit light themselves, making them ideal for outdoor use. 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High Cost-Effectiveness:  LED floor stand digital signage and finding cost-effective display solutions are always at the top of the priority list. They created the flexible LED screen price to be cost-effective due to the reduced steel frame structure, but it is a significant investment in the long run because it can help your company flourish. An inventive way to promote your business and lifestyle is a creative LED display screen. However, choosing the best-LED screen is not easy because each project is distinct and requires different types of LED displays. Even if some general guidelines still apply, you can use this guide to choose the best flexible LED screen before beginning any projects. 4. Easy to Install and Replace: To construct a unique LED sign that is easy, flexible, and photo quality, some moulding with plastic material is required. The most crucial thing to do before you start your DIY project for placing LEDs on roof signs, let alone any construction site job, is to collect all necessary data. A flexible LED panel television screen does not have to be installed in a closed cabinet. Magnetic connections of each module knit together for a seamless panel integration in an LED video wall. Thanks to the lack of space limits and magnetic snap construction, the soft LED panel is easy to install, replace, store, and carry. Furthermore, a flexible LED panel is made of materials that can survive high compression and twisting, making installation procedures that require several twists more difficult. 5. Customization: The malleable nature of a flexible LED screen allows you to personalize the size, shape, and pixel pitch of your purchase from the LED manufacturer. It will be simple to build great designs that match your customers' wants and keep your audience interested in your business because of the ease with which you can change the pixel pitch, brightness, and form on these display displays. View point ensures the production of a unique LED video wall, configured LED video wall, or custom display that meets the needs of a wide range of markets and applications that matches your exact requirements. Shenzhen Kanghai Electronic Co. provides custom LED displays; custom shape LED screens of any size, including giant and slim, creative LED displays, and more.  6. Compatible with 3D LED Displays: This year, 3D LED displays have gotten a lot of attention for their usefulness as a new display technology. Shenzhen Kanghai Electronic creates a 3D visual effect that can be seen with the naked eye by bending the LED panel into a specific curvature (90 degrees). The 3D LED screen is ideal for creating a more powerful visual impact on the audience and is essential in encouraging your company's growth and brand recognition. 7. Long-Term Cost-Efficiency: LED panels are not cheap, according to Shenzhen Kanghai Electronics Co. (However, they are now considerably more inexpensive than they were previously). You'll have to pay more up front than you would for a projector, which makes it seem like a less appealing option; nevertheless, an LED display is far more cost-effective over time. Another consideration is lower maintenance costs. Shenzhen Kanghai Electronics Co. In the case of LED screens, you don't have to set aside a significant amount of money to replace parts like filters regularly, as you would with projectors, nor do you have to deal with additional, hidden costs like screens and blackout curtains, and so on. Why Use Innovative LED Displays to Grow Your Business? 1. Consider the Installation of the Flexible LED Screen: It should consider the brightness, durability, and display resolution if the LED screen is utilized outside. Indoor and outdoor LED display screens differ significantly in terms of intelligence. Because harsh sunlight renders the images on the LED display screen illegible or less bright, the brightness of outdoor LED displays is several times that of inside LED displays. Flexible LED display panels used outdoors include several brilliant LEDs in a single pixel to deliver ultra-high lighting. Shenzhen Kanghai Electronics also offers outdoor LED screens that must be leak-proof, waterproof, and heat-resistant, ideal for use on outdoor performance stages and glass outside walls. A waterproof rating is required for outdoor LED displays. Outdoor LED screens are often viewed longer, requiring lower resolution, unlike indoor LED displays, which require high resolution due to the close distance between the viewer and the screen. Indoor displays that demand high resolution for immediate viewing have a smaller pixel pitch, but outdoor flexible LED displays have a more excellent pixel pitch and lower resolution. 2. Consider your Company's Personality: Shenzhen Kanghai Electronics communicates visuals and features comparable to your company's style and can help you leave a lasting impression on your audience. So, before purchasing a creative LED screen, consider your business style and the effect you want to accomplish.  Flexible LED panels suspended from the ceiling in irregular forms have a lot of personalities and are ideal for entertainment venues like outdoor stages and concerts. Regular long flexible LED panels, on the other hand, are great for displaying product information on shelves in shopping centres. 3. Choose a Reliable LED Screen Manufacturer: Thousands of LED screen manufacturers have appeared in the market since the Shenzhen Kanghai Electronic sector became mature. Because a reliable LED, screen manufacturer will strictly control the quality of their products and commit to technological innovation to provide more comprehensive solutions, choosing a reliable LED manufacturer will benefit your subsequent business support and preferential flexible LED screen price.

    10 Things to Know About Square LED Display in Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

    An opening ceremony that took the breath of the entire world took place in China at the beginning of 2022. No one knew what a remarkable show it would produce at this event, where athletes from almost every country had arrived from all over the world. Furthermore, many world leaders were present at that ceremony, and even they did not know what was waiting for them. This ceremony lasted for around 140 minutes, where the entire world witnessed all the magic of LED screens. It took place at the National Stadium of Beijing, "Bird's Nest," which has a capacity of 80,000 spectators. However, few could get tickets because of restrictions amid the COVID-19 fear of spreading. But the most talk of the town thing at this event was the use of LED screens. After that, many businesses might have headed to wholesale square display purchases for event management businesses. Due to the intelligent features of square LED displays in the Winter Olympics of China, many event management businesses might upgrade their businesses. Also, square LCD manufacturers in China would be having an increase in demand since the event. Since we have given you an overview of the event, you can have a complete view of the detailed versions below. The Entire Ground of the LED Screens with a Size of 10,552 Square Meters (113,580 Square Feet): The playing field was the most eye-catching, based on the LED screens. The entire base of the playing field was a giant LED screen for mesmerizing visualization. That was the first time it used this massive size of screens in an opening ceremony of the Olympics or even any other event. Ten thousand five hundred fifty-two square meters of LED digital display manufacturer is not something viewers experience in a regular occurrence, and China stunned everyone with this surprise move. Moreover, this screen showed vivid color combinations without visual error.  Everything kept the viewers in their seats, from animations to pictorial visuals. It was also a new trendsetter for event organizers of sports. Since no one has ever initiated with that much high-tech equipment, China used its manufacturing strength with the most advanced LED technology at a mammoth size. Magic of 40,000 LED Modules with 3840 Hz Refresh Rate: 40,000 LEDs are not a standard number of LEDs anyone would use in an event. When you use this vast number of LEDs in an event, there is a new aura inside the stadium. Just imagine, a few LEDs can illuminate enough, how much those 40,000 units might have done. They created a magical effect inside the stadium to give a jaw-breaking display of great animation. All of that visual was rendered at a refresh rate of 3840 Hz. This refresh rate is thousands of times higher than standard screens. This refresh rate showed the animation accuracy with each movement of the performers. When they were performing, all the LEDs synchronized with the sound without any margin of error.  Giant Snowflake of 550,000 LEDs: When a giant snowflake emerged, no one expected it to be made of LED too. Since these Olympics took place in winter, it was another captivating feature from Chinese organizers. It was hard to understand the conceptualization of that massive snowflake, which was animated, and then it raised the physical piece from the ground. This snowflake was made of 550,000 LEDs, an enormous number of diodes used in anything like that. If you are willing to use that feature, you can find the best LCD square display supplier in China who can help you in that case.  Thus, it placed that giant snowflake right after the vertical LED screen after all the teams had arrived. It provided a winter-based background for the President of the Beijing Organizing Committee for Olympics and Paralympics, the President of the International Olympic Committee, and the President of China. During all that time, this LED giant snowflake was right below the Olympic rings. Both were illuminating the ground along with a massive LED foundation.  Role of Chinese Rocket Carriers: The aerospace company of China played a massive role in this event. China Academy of Launch Vehicles (CALT) built the stage with LED screens, the primary carriers of Chinese rockets for all aerospace missions. It is also why it used high-tech features in this event with meticulousness. Not only have they done that, but they also made sure to synchronize every activity with the LED screens. When an LED screen is used, you can't even think about touching it without gentleness. These screens were the foundation of the stage, an entire playing field of the National Stadium of China.  It is because of the protective shield of the LED screen, which prevented the entire stage from any damage. Moreover, it was not easy to cope with fast animation on the bright ground in the chilling weather of China. Also, it did not cover its soil, and snow could have been a threat to all those screens. But guess what? They were undamaged, unmoistened, and unglazed from snowfall threats.   Olympic Rings of LED with Only 350 Millimeter Thickness: Olympic rings were the most discussed element of the Olympic 2022 opening ceremony beside the LED ground. With a weight of 3 tons, they were just 350 millimeters thin. Moreover, their three-dimensional shape helped LEDs in them glow at a 360-degree angle. It became the center of attention when the LED Olympic rings emerged from the ice block at 13 meters. Everyone in the stadium was stunned after the internal LEDs' glance impacted the viewers.  Besides, this Olympic ring consisted of over 45000 LEDs inside it. Likewise, around 5 percent were blue LEDs, and the rest were white. As a result, a bluish-white glow was being illuminated all the time from those rings. There were massive diodes in them because no one had ever used this kind of Olympic ring.  Resolution of 8K of Naked-Eye 3D Screen: It was not about HD, 2K, or even 4K; it was about 8K resolution in that stadium. Yes, that's high the resolutions were. To illustrate, 14880×7248 were the height and width of pixels that people had experienced in the Beijing Olympic 2022 opening ceremony. Every eye was stunned after watching that magic in the ground with the help of LED screens. Things became more interesting when naked-eye 3D features started in the stadium.  Every pixel mattered to deliver the 8K resolution with naked-eye 3D movement from diffusion to sea waves animation. Thus, it precisely defined all the colors in the stadium to elaborate the wonders of an LED screen. It is also a way to astonish the audience to make them aware of hi-tech evolution. All the screens, whether horizontal or vertical, delivered an accurate image of the content of the opening ceremony.  Vertical Screen with Area of 1200 Square Meters: The horizontal screens showed their magic, and the vertical screen was synchronized to trick viewers' eyes. With an area of a massive 1200 square meters, vertical LED screens have shown the emergence of Olympic rings and special effects at the beginning of the ceremony. Later, this enormous screen welcomed the teams with their national flag in 8K resolution. Everyone must be proud of seeing their national flag in the Olympics at unbelievable resolution. Moreover, these screens were long enough to show an entire flow of sea waves from itself to the horizontal screen during the event. When the whole stadium is pitch dark, and all you can see is an enormously giant LED screen, that's more like a cinema than a sports stadium. It brought attention and made it the most prominent opening ceremony in ages.  Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and Augmented Reality: Here is the action behind all the powerful imagery in the stadium. When all the performers were showing their skills, there was another thing that was getting attention. That was real-time rendering and animation processing, along with each performer's movement. The motion-capture system made it look like a piece of cake when unique animation was seen in every performer's move. Here, every motion of performers was carefully observed by artificial intelligence to match the LED screen's reaction in real-time without any error. Thus, it is not what a formal ceremony offers. Chinese authorities hired their aerospace department to meet all the hi-tech functions at the event. That made everyone wonder why an aerospace department would be involved in an Olympic event. It is the reason they were part of the Olympic organizing team to make it memorable with 3D effects. Only 20 % Strength of Performance as Compared to 2008 Olympics: In the Olympics 2008, 15000 people performed, while it took only 3000 in Winter Olympics 2022. What was the reason for using only 20% of the strength of 2008's performers? Again, artificial intelligence and high-tech LEDs covered 80 percent of the event's entertainment. When you have these technologies, you don't need to go for the traditional performance of men.  It also helped China market its leading manufacturers of hi-tech equipment, allowing it to conduct business all around the globe. All the LEDs used in the event were proof that China set very high bars for the following events in the future. Countries like Japan, the USA, and Germany would be anticipating the upcoming events to meet the standard China set. All these screens were the center of attraction for buyers around the world. Since this event occurred, there must have been a massive spike in demand for 8K LED screens for event management. Weight Bearing Strength of 500 Kilograms Per Meters Square: Here is the most curious question in your mind: the strength of those hi-tech LED screens. Everyone has thought the same. It looked like an ice stage, but it was not. The protective layer on those LED screens saved them from wear and tear, scratches, moisture, water, snow, and weather effects during the ceremony. That is some incredible work from the technicians of CALT. That's why everything smoothly happened at the opening event of the Beijing Olympics 2022. An average of 500 kilograms per meter square weight is not an ordinary thing on an LED screen. It is the result of high-class research and development work behind it.  Conclusion: We hope you might not have missed anything above because all of them were startling for the viewers sitting inside the stadium during the ceremony. Lastly, these artificially intelligent modes might become more surprising in the future. 

    How to Choose Commercial Square LCD Advertising Display? – 9 Factors

    Marketing is the key to positioning your brand in the minds of your audience. Without it, they will hardly notice or buy your product. Moreover, every member of the marketing competition prefers to use a better tool than others. Advertisement square LCDs are a potent tool to grab the audience's attention within a few seconds of exposure. That's why every advertiser uses them for OOH marketing purposes. These LCDs are improving with every new feature, and so are the advertising options. A square LCD advertising display can do wonders if you correctly use it. To stay on top of the advertisement battle, you need to find a wholesale square display manufacturer to get the best square LCD advertising displays on time. It is possible through online ways to explore what kind of LCD suits you. Moreover, you need to know some essential specifications and factors to avoid any problems later regarding the quality of content. If you follow the guidelines below, it will be convenient for you to impact consumers substantially. From pixel quality to the viewer's angle, everything is going to matter in long-term marketing.  Pixels Pitch You must know about pixel pitch and how much distance is good for clarity of content. You would never want your target audience to be confused with picture quality in the advertising LCD. These pixels have an impact on human eyes at different distances. To know where to install your LCD for the best angle and visuals, you need to have below pixel pitches. ·        1.2 mm pixels pitch is suitable for a 3 m viewing distance  ·        2 mm pixels pitch for almost 5m viewing distance  ·        3 mm pixels pitch for 7.5m viewing distance ·        5 mm pixels pitch for almost 12m distance viewing Here it is if you want to know about an ideal pixel pitch for indoor and outdoor advertising. ·        Pixels pitched between 3 mm and 6mm are suitable for a short distance ·        Pixels pitched between 16 mm, and 20mm are suitable for long distance So, if you are willing to buy a square LCD advertising display, you must remember the above pixel pitch ranges and find a wholesale square display KS220A to buy soon. Power Supply and Connectivity Ports: If you choose a standard power supply, it will have to be between 110 V and 240 V. You need to be aware of this factor because higher or lower voltage may cause issues for your advertising LCD. Moreover, it would help if you looked at the connectivity ports to use multiple cords for any attachment. HDMI, USB, and VGA are some of the ports you need to find so you can connect any laptop to it. An open port must be connected to any device to install software or content, even if they are unavailable.  Operating System Compatibility: The operating system has to be compatible with your advertising LCD because it will be crucial for you. Why is that so? Due to ease in functionality and gadget specifications, you must use LCDs, which can be operated with Windows 7, 10, and onwards. These software versions are easily updated with the help of the internet. Also, you can easily install any software in it to play any content you need. This is why many advanced LCDs are equipped with the best operating system to meet every requirement.  Display Size: Display size matters a lot when you are doing an advertisement. Outdoor and indoor displays have different sizes per the distance of viewers. Of course, you would not use a small size of the show for a longer length and a large size of the display for a shorter distance. You will have to be concise with the size of the LCD. Multiple sizes are available concerning aspect ratio. Not only are square shapes common for advertisements, but rectangular, circular, and irregular shapes are becoming common. To make it understandable, here are some sizes of general LCDs for advertising in different locations. ·        16 inches ·        19 inches ·        27 inches ·        55 Inches If you use an indoor marketing tactic, you must go for the smaller LCD. Your primary purpose is to penetrate the brand's message in your customers' minds. For that, you need to use a small or medium size display according to the location inside a building or at a bus stand. If you use too large a display size, it will be hard to process for human eyes in a stationary position. While using a tiny display size for moving audiences, like on the road or subway, will not have much impact on their minds as they will not be able to read correctly. You must be concise with the LCD size for the correct location.  View Angle: Your efforts will fail if your target audience can't see your display correctly. You need to understand the viewing angle of your LCD. Make sure you know where to place it and how much it is mandatory for a walking person. If a person can see your display clearly, that person can also understand the message in the advertisement being played on the show. An ideal range of viewing angles is between 120 and 160 degrees.  ·        Horizontal: 120 to 160 degrees ·        Vertical: 120 to 160 degrees If you go beyond this range, your viewers might have trouble seeing the screen. Moreover, a viewing angle is inversely proportional to brightness level. The higher or lower the viewing angle than the mentioned range is, the higher the variation in brightness level will be. The brightness level will decrease if you increase the rise and vice versa. In addition, if you are using a 3D advertisement with these displays, you must be very careful in the angle selection at a mall or subway entrance. It will be essential to grab the people's attention in that area. Many people feel hungry when they see an ad with vivid food colors. Similarly, you can use a great combination of colors for any other product for better impact. Lifespan: If you have invested, you would also want a return. Similarly, the lifespan of an advertising display is a significant factor here. You must know how much your presentation can survive. Also, wear and tear environmental effects and working hours will be considered. Typically, marketers use the best lcd square display supplier in china for 12 or 16 hours a day. Some go for 24/7, but lifespan can be affected by it. You need to know about the hours limit of them. Ten thousand hours or more will be better if you use it for 12/7.  It will help you understand the return on investment because its cost significantly impacts results. In addition, you need to choose screen protection material if you have a touch screen display. It can be crucial for you because too much interaction of users with LCDs can be weary for the screen. It would help if you used a protective shield on it to extend its screen safety. Brightness: You want to attract every person out there with your advertising LCD. But what does it take to do that? Its brightness, because if people can't detect it in a bright area, you will not be able to attract them. Moreover, its brightness varies according to location, whether you use it outdoors or indoors. If it is for indoors, its illumination will be moderate, but if it is for outdoors, you will need a high-brightness LCD, for sure. Also, the adjustment option from 0 to 100 will be a bonus. Below are the ranges of brightness levels for indoor and outdoor advertisements.  ·        800 to 1500 nits are suitable for indoor ·        3000 to 5000 nits or higher for outdoor  Candela per square meter is the unit used for the brightness factor of LCDs. You may also use nits as its unit because one nit equals 1 candela per square meter. Brightness also varies at night and daytime because if you use LCDs during the day, you need to use 5000 nits or above to make your ad more visible. Since many people overlook wholesale LCD digital signage in daylight, you need to use a high brightness to impact them.  Refresh Rate: It shows how many times a screen has refreshed itself in a second. A higher refresh rate shows better image movement. You might have noticed in old TV sets that image movement was much slower than in modern displays. Why is that so? That is the refresh rate factor. The higher the refresh rate, the easier it will be for the human eye to see the screen content. It also shows picture quality because the high quality depends on the refresh rate. To understand a good range of refresh rates, you may choose between 120 and 240 Hz. A minimum refresh rate of 120 Hz for advertising displays is good enough.  ·        120 Hz ·        144 Hz ·        240 Hz ·        3840 Hz is the best and the most modern That's why you need to look for a higher refresh rate or a minimum of 120 Hz because the upcoming technology will be compatible with only the best quality of content. You can also use 3D features with the help of a high-quality LCD to make a more significant impact on viewers. Cost: The last factor is the cost; you will have to know about the best wholesale square display manufacturer worldwide for bulk purchases. Even if you purchase a few LCDs at wholesale price, you can save a lot. Because of rising demand, many buyers look for wholesale square display manufacturers in China. It helps them get a very low MOQ for small LCDs to advertise. For indoor and outdoor, all the types are available in the market. All you need to do is find a B2B platform to buy them. They will also help you with supply chain solutions regarding product delivery. As a result, this feature will significantly impact your overall cost.  Various LCD models are displayed for advertising purposes within your affordable range. Many B2B platforms like Alibaba.com, Tradewheel.com, and Amazon.com will help you explore the most advanced technology at meager rates. Conclusion: Every factor will be crucial in OOH marketing because you will avoid complications once you buy after following the above guidelines. It will also work on your return on investment as much money is invested in the advertisement.

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